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Keep your audience informed with up-to-the-pitch statistics.

ScorePAD NOW Systems

ScorePAD NOW is reshaping the scoring industry and energizing the stadium experience for fans. It’s the lean modern alternative to more cumbersome systems that run on traditional hardware. StatCast, GUMBO, and Sabermetrics are a few of the innovations driving need for our flexible modern system.

Wealth of Player and Team Info

Broadcasts produce more and more information for television viewers to enjoy. Fans expect the same level of information while viewing the game at the stadium. We leverage our broadcast experience to produce the desired information for you. We generate the following automatically, with very little effort from you:

Live Leaderboard
Situational Stats
ScorePAD NOW Pitches

Get more out of your scoring

You want your audience to be fully present while enjoying the game. Give them the information that they desire to see.

Compatible with Controllers

There’s no need to switch out your other hardware and software. Our software connects with many controllers and scoreboards, including:

  • Click Effects
  • Daktronics
  • Ross XPression
  • Chyron Lyric
  • VizRT Media Sequence
  • ClickEffects_Logo daktronics_logo xpression_logo

    Many output types

    We are very flexible for your specific environment. We produce data outputs in many formats to be easily used and displayed:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • Fixed Length Fields
  • Chyron Intelligent Interface

  • Make this major upgrade to display the content your audience wants to see.

    Who are we?

    ScorePAD Sports has been creating scoring software for 15+ years for MLB stadiums and TV networks.
    We enjoy pushing the limits for baseball, as we were the first fully automatic baseball stats software available.

    Contact Us!

    To learn more, email Because we’re a small software company, we like to give detailed attention to each client of ours. We only work with a small number of organizations to give each team our best effort. Email so we can see how we can work together.

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